Friday, 7 October 2016


Bonjour et Hello

Remember when I enclosed this template?

Here is the info on how I created my  template for my coordinating stamps and punch bundles

Label your template with "front" before punching your card stock

Place card stock all the way into the punch until the paper stops at the back of the punch

 We use the "FRONT" side only

As you can see, when I have my  clear-mount block down and the stamp image facing up

the images are "mirrored"
 but it will all be fine because when you stamp on your card stock,
 it will be correct lining up the punch

Now you have the perfect placement of your stamp to ink up and stamp with

  I like to place my stamp block on the table with the image  and place my ink onto the image
 this way I can control the pressure of the ink pad and see how much ink is on the image 

Line up the image and punch!

Make sure you stamp close to the bottom edge of the cardstock
If it is too far up from the bottom  you won't be able to align the punch

 Voila, here is my template ready to use when ever I want to match my image to my punch

Bundle away and punch away to make templates for your co-ordinating stamps and punches!

Merci et Thank you for dropping by!

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