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In the world of stamping, scrapbooking and papercrafting there are myriads of adhesives to choose from.
Stampin' Up! offers you a variety of adhesive so you can create and complete your projects  for the creative engineers out there.

So fasten your adhesive belt and get ready for a smooooooth ride.

To Fuse or Not to Fuse.....this is just one of many questions.....
SNAIL ADHESIVE and FAST FUSE are similar in style and application.
Both refillable 


STAMPIN' DIMENSIONAL and FOAM TAPE are double-sided padded adhesives but in 2 different shapes and thickness.

FAST FUSE -      13.1 yards  Acid free    


How to use: The correct way to hold the Fast Fuse is to feel the ridge on one side of the applicator.  This is where your finger is placed to give you an even distribution and pressure. Run the Fast Fuse on an angle and run the adhesive to the desired length. Slide the applicator to the left or right to end the adhesive from the runner and then lift up off the paper.     If you don't slide it left or right before lifting off the paper, the adhesive will continue to come off the applicator and create stringy ends.

Double sided super-strength adhesive that bonds instantly and neatly.
Perfect for heavier layers and small 3D items. 
Great adhesive to attach layers onto Glimmer paper
FAST FUSE Refill  -    21.9 yards  Acid free


How to refill Fast Fuse
Throw away only the glue side of the cartridge and keep the case.
Refill cartridge - line up the the two holes on the adhesive refill side with the two pegs on the case side then close together.

SNAIL ADHESIVE -   13.1 yards  Acid free


How to use: The correct way to hold the Snail Adhesive is to feel the ridge on one side of the applicator.  This is where your finger is placed to give you an even distribution and pressure. Run the Snail Adhesive on an angle and run the adhesive to the desired length.

Double sided, instantly bonding permanent adhesive.  
Easy to apply and refill. 
Remove extra adhesive with the Adhesive Remover.

SNAIL ADHESIVE Refill -     13.1 yards Acid free

How to refill Snail Adhesive
Throw away only the glue side of the cartridge and keep the Snail Adhesive case.
The refill has a cardboard stopper in the center of the large hole.
Remove the card board insert before reloading the refill to the case. Place the refill and the case and close it together.

How to use: Twist off the white cap and place clear liquid glue to where you want it. Dries clear. A light touch does the trick. If you squeeze the bottle, you may have too much glue on your project.
This glue takes a while to set.  
Wipe the glue tip before placing the white cap that has a needle style plug to slip into the fine tip nozzle to keep it unclogged.

Perfect for adhering small embellishments, glitter and delicate paper cutouts to projects
cap includes a built in pin to keep the tip clear and prevent drying.
A little bit goes a long way - you don't need to squeeze the bottle .
Great for adding sequins to a project - add a dot of glue to your project where you want to place your sequins, then add your sequins.

MINI GLUE DOTS -    300 dots   3/16" diameter


How to UseAdd the embellishment directly onto the glue dot and then peel off the embellishment off the  protective liner and apply to project. OR  Take a sharp tool such as paper snips or paper piercing tool, remove the glue dot from the protective liner and place onto your project and apply your embellishment on top of the exposed glue dot

Instant  clear dots of adhesive. 
No fumes, no mess, no drying time.
Holds heavier embellishment such as buttons, and light embellishments such as bows.

STAMPIN' DIMENSIONALS -    300 hexagon foam dots - Acid Free


How To Use: take off as many hexagon dimensional foam from the sheet and add to your project and then peel off the protective cover (Tip: press your finger nail in the center of the dimensional cover and this  will separate the liner from the foam) 

Double-sided adhesive foam dots add depth and dimension.
instant bond. 
300 hexagon shaped foam dimensional plus the edges (the perimeter) of the sheets so you get more than 300 foam pieces

MULTIPURPOSE LIQUID GLUE -    .9 oz.     Acid Free

How To Use:  There are 2 green caps to choose from. Fine tip (top of the bottle) and wedge shape  tip (base of the bottle).  Open one of the cap and apply directly on to your project. This glue comes out white but dries clear. When using the Fine tip, do not squeeze too hard, or it will ooze out. You are  in control of how much glue comes out.

Dual ends - Two different ways to apply the glue.  Narrow fine tip and broad wide edge end. 
Strong bond; dries clear.
This glue is great for applying layers.   You have a bit of time to manipulate, shift and shimmy to the position you want before it seals down.
It can be used permanent or temporary glue.
As a permanent - apply glue to project place directly where you want it.
Temporary glue - apply glue and let air dry.  The glue will dry clear and become tacky to the touch. The Removable Eraser will removes access glue.

TEAR & TAPE ADHESIVE -   27 yards    Acid Free 


How to Use: Choose the length of tape you need and tear off a piece.
attach to your project then remove the liner off the adhesive.

Strong adhesive easy to tear paper backing for easy sticking.
This is very convenient double sided adhesive.
The lining is coated so it does not stick to itself.
This adhesive is used with 3D projects due to its adhesive strength.

FOAM ADHESIVE STRIPS 10 yards  1/8" x  9" strips


How to use:  take off a strip from the sheet, apply to your project and then peel off the protective liner

Double-sided white foam strips for shaker cards and spinner cards.  The narrow strip easily allows you to create the foam strip to your desired shape.
This Foam Adhesive is slightly thicker than the Stampin' Dimensional so you can not use this with the dimensional in a pinch due to the thickness difference.
You receive 2 sheets of the Foam Adhesive but you also can use the edges (perimeter) of the sheet for extra foam usage.



How to use: Use like an eraser and rub the adhesive remover over the adhesive or dried glue and like magics it's gone!

Removes unsightly adhesives and dried glue which will turn  the Adhesive Remover black, just cut off the dark corners and edges of the Adhesive Remover and it will be good as new.

SILICONE CRAFT SHEET   1 sheet -  6" x  6"


How to use:  Place the Silicone Craft Sheet on the table and use it as a protective mat.

Drop a dot of adhesive on a sheet; assemble embellishment; let glue dry; pop off creations
Can be used with hot glue gun in case it leaks glue it protects the surface. Glue removes easily
When making and creating your projects, the glue will not stick to the  silicone mat.
Works with any of our adhesives. 

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