Tuesday, 6 September 2016


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I love, love, love the UNINKED STAMPIN' SPOTS!!
I missed the Stampin' Spots that I became a stalker in the  Sandbox to suggest
that SU  bring in Uninked spots

I love the fact that I can create my own colours, such as the In Colours!
The Uninked Stampin' Spots are portable,
easy to ink up small images and just fun to use

Uninked Stampin' Spots are 1" x 1" felt pads are great for our Stampin' Up! classic ink
because it is a water base ink which makes it easy to absorbe into the  pad.
There are 5 Uninked Stampin' Spots in a package
I would NOT recommend any pigment ink refills,  such as Versa Mark
because pigment ink  needs a sponge style pads to absorbe the thick fluid ink


Uninked Stampin' Spots are blank cube ink pads, clear lid, felt pad and white plastic base
Therefore, you need to create a something to identify the colour.
After I ink up my new Uninked Stampin' Spots with the classic refill ink,
I will use the 3/4" circle punch of the CS of the same colour and attach it to the top of the lid
and label the colour (Oooops, I forgot to do that!)
Then I take a 1/8th strip of the same colour and attach that to the base.
This way it is easy to match the lid to the base!

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